What is Hypnosis?

There are many definitions of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a tool to focus
your mind on what you want. It is a tool of self discovery. It is a tool
that will allow you to control your emotions and your beliefs.
Hypnosis is an ability everyone has and can learn to utilize to
accomplish personal and professional goals. As you learn to use this
tool of hypnosis, you open yourself to your own potential and go
beyond your own limits. A good friend once told me “a mind once
stretched can never return to its original shape”. In my experience
I’ve found this to be true. Use this tool to open yourself to your own
power, take control of your own life and joyfully go for what you want,
because it’s a journey worth taking.
You’re conscious mind is analytical. It contains what hypnotists call
the critical factor. You’re conscious mind analyzes the suggestions
and decides if they should be accepted or rejected. You’re conscious
mind knows real from imagined that your having a daydream you’re
conscious mind knows that it is only a daydream, not real. It knows
right from wrong, good from bad. It knows what you should be doing.
Hypnosis uses the part of your mind that deals with your imagination
and your emotions, these are part of your unconscious mind. Your
unconscious mind cannot tell what’s real or imagined. It is unable to
discern good from bad. What it accepts to be true is acted upon as if
it were true, whether it is true or not. We all act automatically from
our emotions and our beliefs. What we believe does not have to
have anything to do with reality. In the past people believed the earth
was flat. That was a commonly held belief. We know that is false.
Beliefs can be created by perceptions or experiences that seem to be
true and then are accepted as true. How we feel about things can be
programmed by the things we are told and accept.
Repetition is very important when using hypnosis to program the
unconscious mind. Repetition is the mother of all learning. To
accomplish your goal you can use MP3s, live sessions or a
combination of both to achieve repetition with hypnosis.

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