Can Anyone Learn To Become A Hypnotist?


Since I do offer hypnosis training on a regular basis, the question often comes up — can anyone learn to do this and become a hypnotist?

Sometimes when people ask me if hypnotists have a special hypnotic power, I reply “Yes, and no.” And that’s a truthful answer!

The answer is “Yes” in the sense that I can teach you the techniques on how to do hypnotic inductions, or the knowledge of how to perform a specific NLP technique or a set of steps.

It’s “Yes”, anyone can learn to become a hypnotist, in the sense that we can even talk about how to gain rapport, how to do a proper pre-talk, and how to test for suggestibility (we also call them imagination games). You CAN learn all of that, and in fact you can be very effective with it.

And for most things, you can learn to do hypnosis by having no innate talents before you came to the training.

However… the answer is also “No,” in that it’s difficult to teach intuition, and true persistence, and thinking in abstract ways. These are all skills needed by someone who wishes to become “the best in the world” type of clinical hypnotist.

And it’s a quality that is difficult to quantify. It requires thinking on another level — getting rapport on another level. Not being a “yes” person, and getting deep rapport with the subconscious mind. Of course, our main course teaches you how to become damn good at clinical-style work.

So why then, if it is so easily taught, do I stubbornly insist that the answer to the question “Can anyone learn to become a hypnotist” is both Yes, AND No?

It’s because everything looks rosy until you’re dealing with a hard case. And when someone’s training gets exhausted, where do they go THEN? That’s the type of grit that you only get from actually doing it, and not giving up. Sheer persistence and confidence that you will get somewhere. Putting yourself on the line.

When someone comes into our office, we “read” them within a few minutes. We ask them specific, targeted questions which are designed to elicit what their actual problem is. It’s not uncommon for a client to begin talking, and about 5 minutes into the conversation we’ll say “Ok, I already got what the thing is. You ready to go into hypnosis?”

I honestly don’t think this is quality that can be taught, because it’s who you ARE. If you’re not grounded in yourself, then your results in supporting and empowering others might be sporadic at best.

However, I also believe that someone can go through a deep change themselves, and they will eventually develop the personality traits necessary to do “the real work” and become a hypnotist – not just do hypnosis.

But can wisdom be taught over a hypnosis weekend? Not really. It requires being actually out there in life, discovering who you are. And that’s what it takes sometimes to get past the critical factor.

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Why Choose Online Hypnosis


As the popularity of clinical hypnosis continues to increase, many are now utilizing the convenience of online connectivity to make significant improvements in their life. Whether it’s quitting smoking, losing weight or moving forward in the wake of past tragedy, the principles of clinical hypnosis are proving to be as effective online as they are in-person. In this article we’ll examine hypnosis at a glance, before touching on some of the key advantages of choosing online sessions.

Benefits of Hypnosis Online

Clinical hypnosis offers a wide spectrum of benefits all on its own. When you consider the added perks that online sessions bring, it’s understandable why they have become the preferred option for more and more individuals every day.

Undergo hypnosis sessions in the place where you’re most comfortable
An ideal solution for busy professionals and hectic family schedules
Eliminates travel time and transportation expenses
An effective way to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome fears and more
Schedule online hypnosis sessions based on your schedule and needs
Session conducted using the free ZOOM meetings or FB Messenger app.

We’ve all seen the antiquated stereotypes that have become associated with hypnosis. Some are as creepy as they are ridiculous and, we can assure those new to it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hypnotist who still relies on spinning pinwheels and swaying pocket watches. The reality is far less exaggerated, and far more rooted in real science.

Today’s clinical hypnosis has close ties to the fields of psychology, anatomy, neurology and others. As researchers learn more about how we store, repress and access our thoughts, memories and emotions, our ability to better manage them improves, as well. This is just one of many aspects which hypnosis focuses on, and something that can be done successfully in an office setting or online via face-to-face discussion.

Discover Online Hypnosis for Yourself!

If you’ve found yourself considering clinical hypnosis sessions, but have been nervous or unable to schedule a session, We here at G R Hypnosis invite you to learn more about our convenient online options. It’s a wonderful way to experience the benefits of hypnosis, all from the comforts of your most safe and familiar setting.

Learn more by calling G R Hypnosis today at (226) 240-0388, or write to us through our secure and confidential contact page. Sessions are available from anywhere with an internet connection, and your privacy is always 100% assured.