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With My Basic Hypnosis Course

On your own or with a day of personal training. This course can be done by anyone with a desire to learn to hypnotize. No special skills or prior training is required. This is a simple course that gives you what you need to hypnotize yourself or anyone that is willing. This course will educate and enlighten you on the mystery that is hypnosis. Your course covers how hypnosis works, how to use it on yourself and others, along with what to say to get results with hypnosis.

You can benefit from years of experience. You will learn what works, what to say and do, to hypnotize successfully in a professional manor.

If you like to help people, as a Hypnotist you can help people to stop smoking, lose weight, improve sports performance, learn self hypnosis and more.

Learn the secrets of how to use the power of the unconscious mind.

Many Canadians and Americans use some form of complementary or alternative therapy. Are you the kind of person that likes to help people? As a Hypnotist you will help others to lose weight, stop smoking, improve self esteem and relieve stress. Work from your home or office, you’ll enjoy personal satisfaction and more.

This course is grounded in practicality. You will learn how to interview your client and hypnotize them to stop smoking, lose weight and reduce stress. You will be able to hypnotize anyone after completing this course. In the live training, you’ll participate fully in the learning experience. Each step is explained and demonstrated, and then you’re given the opportunity to learn by doing exercises. You’ll learn techniques to use the power of the unconscious mind to make positive and dynamic changes in your own life and the lives of others.


All materials needed to be a Certified Hypnotist
Comprehensive Hypnosis Training Manual
Scripts and Inductions Book
Hypnosis Certification on successful test completion
WHAT YOU WILL LEARN – All you need to hypnotize with confidence!
The History of Hypnosis
Removing Fears of Hypnosis
The Laws of Suggestion
How to Interview the client
The Importance of a Pre-Talk
Suggestibility Tests
How to Hypnotize anyone
Powerful induction techniques
Signs of hypnosis – How to tell if your client is hypnotized
Deepening techniques – Take them deeper into Hypnosis
How to formulate powerful suggestions for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, memory, sports, self-confidence
Proper awakening procedures
How to use Self-Hypnosis
Proper use of your voice
Uncovering techniques – getting to the cause of the client’s problem
Learn the secrets of hypnosis
And much, much, more

* Legal Disclaimer – Individual Results Vary

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This workshop can be done as a personal or group training
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