Hypnosis Seminars

Group Hypnosis Seminars For Your Office, Business, or Home (Group of Friends) 
For Stress Relief, To Lose Weight or Stop Smoking

Bring This Group Hypnosis Program To Your Community, Office or Home!

This Hypnosis Seminar has been done for 5 people to 200 people and takes about 90 to 120 minutes.
You will learn about Hypnosis and be hypnotized to relive stress, lose weight or stop smoking.*

3 Programs To Choose From
Stress Relief
Weight Loss Program
Stop Smoking Program

Stress Relief

Are You Suffering Emotional Pain? Stressed Out?

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Emotion?

Out Of Control From Fears or Worry? Feel Down or Have The Blues?

Are You losing sleep? Relationships suffering? Job performance suffering?

Are You barking at your kids and spouse? Snapping at your coworkers?

You Are Not Alone
Everyone Has Problems, Issues and Challenges At Times

You Do Not Have To Suffer! You May Have Found Your Answer! You Can Ease The Pain!

Hypnosis Can Help You Heal Your Emotional Pain And Relieve Your Stress!

You Can Relieve Stress, Fears and Beat The Blues Naturally With Hypnosis.

Often we have no clue how to resolve our emotional issues, because we just don’t know how. 

Who can benefit from this program. Any normal person that is experiencing fears, has the blues or is suffering emotional pain.

You have had the ability to control your emotions in the past but because of a situation that has come up in your life you have been experiencing out of control emotions and or strong negative emotional reactions.

I will hypnotize you, calm you down and give you techniques to manage your emotions for yourself. So that you can enjoy life and be happy again.

This is not for the person that truly does need medication, always consult your doctor. As a Hypnotist I can only help normal people with normal problems.

Most of us have not been taught or never learned how to cope with life’s challenges and issues. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to cope with stress that life can create. One of the best benefits of hypnosis is that it teaches you how to calm yourself down and control your emotions. Fears and worries are always about “what if”. Feeling down and having the blues is about “it didn’t go the way I wanted it to”

Hypnosis can help you to go to sleep naturally, by relaxing your mind and body.

Let me hypnotize you to deal with stress and negitive emotions. You will learn how to control your emotions naturally using the power of your own mind.

You can have peace of mind! And it is wonderful!

Weight Loss Program

Are you concerned about weight gain? Do you feel out of control?

Have you lost weight on a diet only to gain it back and more?

Look Great, Feel Great and Fit into your clothes again!

*During the weight loss session I will hypnotize you and give you sugestions to:
Eat less and feel satisfied with less food
Eat the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts
Exercise on a regular basis and enjoy it
Drink water and love the taste of it
Deal with emotional eating
Have more confidence and self esteem
Sleep better at night

*Benefits of Hypnosis for Weight Loss?
No Dieting
No Counting Calories
No Going Hungry or Depriving Yourself
Eat Grocery Store Food
Hypnosis is 100% safe, natural and effective

Stop Smoking Program

Tired of the coughing? The smell?

Eliminate the Risk of Cancer, Heart and Lung Disease
Without the harmful side effects of drugs.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Is safe, natural and effective!

*During the Stop Smoking Session:
I will hypnotize you and influence your subconscious mind to stop smoking
Deal with and eliminate cravings
Lower your stress and tension

*How This Group Hypnosis Program Works
1. First you will learn how hypnosis works and experience fun demonstrations of hypnosis.
2. Next your group will be hypnotized to facilitate your goal for the seminar.
Success requires an open mind and a desire for change.
I can hypnotize anyone who is willing to cooperate and follow instructions. Hypnosis is safe and natural. You will not lose control at any time. You have nothing to lose but stress, the weight or a bad smoking habit! Make plans now for you and your friends to control stress, lose weight or stop smoking with this group hypnosis seminar.

*Legal Disclaimer – Individual Results Vary

I Can Hypnotize your group at your home or office!
Minimum number of attendees is 5.
Spread the word and get your group together, invite your friends, family or co-workers
$ Per Person for groups of 5
$ Per Person for groups of 5 to 10
$ Per Person for groups of 10 or more

It’s easy to set up.

To see if hypnosis is right for you
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House Calls Available.

 All professionals recognize that it is impossible to guarantee human behavioural change.