Weight Control

Weight Control With Hypnosis

Have you lost weight only to gain it back?

Do you eat because your bored?

To relieve stress or for comfort?

Do you feel out of control? 

Tired of Pill And Diets?

Welcome To The Natural Solution To Weight Control

I Know You Want to Ask…“Does Hypnosis Work?”
Here’s your Answer! This is what clients have to say*!

“The best is all the compliments! I’m healthier, happier and 20 pounds lighter. The thing I noticed is that I now stop eating when I’m full! What a concept! I no longer snack as much, water tastes better and I look forward to my walks! I feel great.” Karen

“I love this! I’ve Lost 20, yes 20 pounds. Hypnosis is my answer to weight loss.Thank you.” Donna

I went from a size 12 to a size 4. My friends and family are amazed not only at the weight loss, but also the confidence. Hypnosis kept me on track. My appearance improved, now I feel beautiful, happy, proud and thankful. Hypnosis works for me.” Carrie

What a difference from 6 months ago. I handle stress with a calmness that comes from within. I don’t reach for “comfort food”. I have the energy to prepare a healthy snack or meal.” Debbie

*Individual Results Vary.

All professionals recognize that it is impossible to guarantee human behavioural change.

What to expect. At the first session you will learn how hypnosis works. Then you will be hypnotized so you will eat healthy natural foods, cut your portions, eat slower, exercise and drink water.

Your hypnosis sessions are personalized. Every session is different.A reinforcement Hypnosis MP3 is included with your session. 

Will Hypnosis For Weight Loss Work For Me?
After years of doing hypnosis, our hypnosis service works for many people and results vary from person to person. All professionals recognize that it is impossible to guarantee human behavioural change. Will it work for everyone no, but no weight loss method does. Yet many people have used hypnosis to lose weight successfully. If it worked for them, there’s a good chance it will work for you too…. all you need is a desire to lose weight and an open mind.

*Benefits of Hypnosis to Lose Weight:
No supplements or drugs to buy
Hypnosis is completely natural
Eat grocery store food
Hypnosis is stress relieving
Improves Self Control
Improves Self Esteem
Improves Self Confidence

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