How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis has been accepted by the American Medical association
and the Vatican. Hypnosis works through the power of suggestion.
Using suggestion to guide you into a relaxed state allows access to
the unconscious mind. By bypassing the critical factor suggestions are
more readily accepted by the unconscious mind. What the
unconscious mind accepts it acts upon automatically.

Repetition is important because it compounds the effectiveness of suggestions.
The more the unconscious mind receives the message the more it
accepts it uncritically and acts upon it more automatically and naturally.
The more it acts upon the suggestions of the more they are accepted and
reinforced. There by growing stronger. The unconscious mind does
not discern between right and wrong, good or bad. What it accepts, it
acts upon automatically as it were real and true.

Suggestions are like seeds planted into your mind nurtured by repetition
and action. When you act on suggestions you are actually hard wiring them
into your nervous system.

Most professionals understand that human behavioural
changes cannot be guaranteed. Success using hypnosis is dependent
upon your cooperation, attitude and motivation.

It can take one or more sessions to be successful, everyone is different.
Most issues can be resolved in 1 to 5 sessions.

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